Dec 22, 2010

New Stuff!

Since Laila is sound asleep on my lap, I took the time to work on a new look.

I just wasn't happy with my old one.

Took forever, so worth it though.
For your viewing pleasure.
Cranky Laila right before she decided it was time for her nap.

And I have a new button. 

Made by the beautiful, {shutter}mama

3 lovely comments:

Short Leg Lucy said...

can I steal her for like a day? hahahahahah jk I will be there tho soon and I can't WAITTTTT to see this beautiful little soul :]

Skye said...

Funny how "cranky" can still look so cute! :)
New design looks nice!

kitten said...

She is soooooo cute, and the button is nice. Sonya is awesome! :)