Feb 22, 2011


A LOT of people ask me where Laila sleeps. Crib, pack n play, in bed, swing, bouncer? I always respond with the same exact answer...in bed with Justin and I.

I usually get this response.

"Oh mee ggeee, you actually do that? Like, aren't you afraid of rolling over on top of your daughter."

Ahaha, something like that at least.

I was the mom that always said "I will never have Laila sleep in bed with me. She will sleep in her crib when we bring her home from the hospital."

Look how that turned out.

In the early days when I was exclusively breastfeeding, Laila would go down in her pack n play and whenever she woke up, I brought her in to bed with me since it was easier.

Eventually, from going down to waking up, she would be in bed with me. This has worked wonderfully for my family and Justin and I love the company of Laila.

She sleeps in the crook off my right arm, most nights. Sometimes I switch to my left if my right falls asleep. I have never rolled on top of her. She sleeps on top of the blankets for extra safety to make sure her face doesn't get covered up. I wear my hair up to avoid it getting in her face. Extra pillows are off the bed. Sheets are tight.

It's all goooddd. And I love having her sleep next to me.

And on occasion, she will sleep in her pack n play, swing, boppy. Mostly for naps though.

3 lovely comments:

Tara said...

i did a post about co-sleeping, it drives me insane the stigma behind it, i am PROUD co-sleeping momma! :)

kelsey said...

i get the stigma but its hard with breastfeeding! i try to have P sleep in his bassinet but by the middle of the night he ends up with me! your right its nice sleeping with them by your side =] people need to get that different things work for different fams and just because it different doesnt mean its wrong =] way to go on all that milk too btw! yay you! =]

Sarah Lynn said...

proud co sleeper here too :)