Feb 11, 2011

Friday Confessional

I thought I would join in on Friday Confessional. After all, there are some things I need to get off of my chest.

*I was going to start doing Friday Confessional's a couple weeks ago. But I was lazy and tired and didn't feel like it.

*I haven't shaved my legs in .. er .. a couple weeks.

*I hate getting my picture taken because I swear the camera makes my face look FAT.

*I can't stand being home alone. In the dark. It scares the crap out of me.

*I hate the way I walk, something about it is just funny to me...

*I wish I had bigger boobs {and I'm already a 40D} what is wrong with me??

*I'm seriously considering getting a tummy tuck..and some lipo..and a boob job..and..that's it.

*I want to lose fifty pounds. woah.

*Will I ever reach that, probably not because I never work out. That's why I'm desperate for warm weather. That way I can take Laila for walks.

*I watch way too much reality TV. Justin hates this.

*I let my child watch Transformers and she is only two months old.

*At time, I hate being an adult. There are so many responsibilities that came along with it. Sometimes, I wish I were a kid again.


*I want to experience child birth, again.

*My co-worker is pregnant (37 weeks) and she just swears it's a girl.... I secretly wish that she has a boy. I'm awful.

*I'm constantly twirling my nose ring..

*Pregnancy left me with bladder issues...Gross {no, I do not pee my pants}

*I'm so freaking sick of snow. I just want it to end.

*My car needs serious work done to it but instead of spending money on that, I would rather spend it on things I don't need. Like magnets...

*Laila sleeps in bed with Justin and I *GASP*

*I confess...that wasn't too bad.

Do you have any confessions?


4 lovely comments:

Tasha said...

i still haven't gotten back on birth controll either! I'm getting an implanon and its been on back order! Rylin sleeps with Jake and I and I feel so much better knowing shes ok and breathing and not choking on her spit up! It's crazy how aware I am of her even when I'm asleep.

Short Leg Lucy said...

we co sleep with maia and have every now and then since she was a newbie....I too want to experience child brith again....seriously. hahah.

Laura Lovely said...


Tara said...

dont gasp, co-sleeping rocks