Feb 28, 2011

Monday Confessional

I missed Friday Confessions so I decided to switch it up and do Monday Confessions instead.

I'll keep it short but not so sweet.

*I decided to go on a diet and have already failed by eating cookies for breakfast {as well as oatmeal and a bananer} Those darn Girl Scout cookies!

*TMI ALERT - I'm starting to think sex will never be the same and this seriously upsets me.

*TMI ALERT - Since I've been eating a ton of fruit, I've had no issues going to the bathroom.

*I hate our couch and can't wait to spend more money to get a new one. After we sell our old one first, which we're in the process of doing right now.

*I want to be a SAHM, soooo freakin' bad.

*I totally just sang that last part out...I wanna be a billionaire soooo freakin' bad


8 lovely comments:

kelsey said...

dont worry hun - the sex will get more normal in a few more months - it takes time for everything to snap back into place!! give yourself a break! =]&& im pretty sure cookies are legit breakfast food =P

Tara said...

gah, i want a new couch too. I seriously banking on our tax return for that!

....now i want girlscout cookies.

Short Leg Lucy said...

hahaha don't kick yourself too hard for eating cookies!

PS- I'm with you on the bathroom thing

beautiful mess said...

you ladies are all wonderful :]

Laura Lovely said...

my mom needs a new couch

Bobi said...

yay for the joy of sex post-partum... It does get better PROMISE!
OH how I read you loud and clear... dieting is so stinking hard.
My thing is to remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and I can try again.
Good luck with the couch, been there.

Ashlee said...

new couch is a must for me too!!
I can't wait we are going this weekend to look at some! :)

Deanna said...

hi! i found you on tbb and thought i would comment. don't worry, sex will get back to normal! it may take some time, but it'll come back!