Feb 8, 2011

{Top Baby Items}

Bright Starts Portable Swing
Justin and I live in a small place and I wanted a swing that wasn't ginourmous and portable (folds up). This swing was PERFECT for that. Did everything I wanted and was gender neutral for any kiddos down the longggg road. The music on it is VERY annoying so we never play it but the speeds are awesome. It also has a timer, which we never use and two recline positions. Best of all, Laila LOVES it.

Bare Naked Boppy with Emily's Garden Slipcover
The boppy is amazing for breastfeeding. I was constantly using it while Laila was getting the boob juice. She also loves to just lay it and relax and stare at things. Super comfortable and fun patters. I love the Emily's Garden print. I love the wooded, nature look of it. Laila also tends to sleep in her boppy a TON, even though it says to not let them. Ohhh well.

FP Soothe & Glow Seahorse
This...is a lifesaver. I don't know HOW I survived without it the first month. But, I did and I managed. This thing works wonders when Laila is super fussy and refuses to sleep. We just lay it next to her, turn it on while she is swinging and within a couple minutes, she's out! That simple. It's plush and suppperr cute. I got mine at WalMart for $11 bucks.

These are simple for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes. And in the beginning I only had TWO. Now, somewhere around 15. Ya, I love them THAT much that every time I saw one, I had to buy it...as long as it was cute. I even asked people to get them for Laila for Christmas. There either one size or 0-6 months so they will last a while on Laila. Also, when Laila was a newborn she would just wear the bags or gowns because lets face it, getting a newborn into fancy pretty clothes is a waste because they poop and spit up everywhere and their arms and legs are still scrunched up. Both are freaking awesome.

This thing is the shizzz nittzzz. I just adore this and feel like I definitely got my $$'s worth. It's huge, portable, pink pink pink. Overall it's just freaking amazing. At first, Laila wasn't too excited about it but now she loves it. Especially the mirror. She sees herself and is like "ohh meee geee, sqqeee, that's me!!" ahaha. And she makes the most adorable faces every when she sees herself. But, she loves this thing now.

Shampoo, lotion, bodywash. I just love this schtuff. Laila had extremely dry skin the first couple weeks and this stuff worked wonders for her. Didn't dry her skin out like some of the others baby products out there.

When it comes to bath time, Laila is a huge fan. She gets one every single night because it is now part of her night time routine since I am back to work and can't stay up all hours. Bath time calms her down and makes her sleepy so it's a must. Plus, formula spit up is disgusting it almost makes me want to vomit myself. {lets hope she can go back on breastmilk, c'mon boob milk, PRODUCE!} Anyways, we use this tub that we are borrowing from my aunt. At first we had this sponge but Laila hated it and we started using it for a knee pad. She needs to be in the water or she'll get very upset.

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Tasha said...

we keep Rylins soothe and glow seahorse in the car for night time trips because she hates the dark and this keeps her happy and entranced for short rides! its a life saver for sure!

Short Leg Lucy said...

Bright Starts portable swing!!! We loved that thing!

Skye said...

We had the same swing too b/c of our small house - it was the best b/c when we went on our weekend trips, we were able to take it with us easily.

Boppy - no brainer - that is the best invention ever. ANd it has so many uses!

Seahorse- Don't know what I would have done without this thing. We put it on as part of Julianna's night time bedtime routine. She loves it.

Sleep sacks- Awesome, warm & safe. Nuff said.

I agree on everything! Isn't it the best when you find some stuff you really know is working for you and the baby! :)

Tara said...

we love our boppy for sure :))
new follower!

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