Feb 25, 2011

Top Baby Items {Part 2}

HERE are my other Top Baby Items.

OK. So most of these are for me and not so much Laila.

Dr. Brows Bottles {Wide Neck}
These were the only bottles that we actually used with Laila and still use. All the extra parts aren't a huge issue either and we wash dishes by hand..no dishwasher. No biggie at all. But we love these bottles and so does Laila.

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags
Laila doesn't use these BUT I sure do :] And I love them for storing my milk. No leaks at all.

Medela Storage Bottles
I use these all the time as well since I'm using a Medela Pump. I own 24 of them and most are stocked in the fridge full of milk. Plus they attach right to the pump. Double awesome in my book.

Medela Lactina Pump
I don't know what I would do without this pump. It's helped me re-establish my supply wonderfully. I'm in love with it and don't want to ever give it up. Unfortunately there is no way I could actually buy it myself because it's a $1,200 pump. Yi-ka-rum-bah. When I'm done with this bad boy, I'll be using the PISA. Which I've heard great things about.

Mam Pacifiers
It's the only pacifier that Justin and I could get Laila to take. We tried numerous ones but she just always spit them out. Luckily, we had a winner with these. And I don't know what I would do without Laila's pacifier, It's a lifesaver some nights {like last night}

2 lovely comments:

Sarah Lynn said...

B loves the MAMs too! He used to like NUK, but i thought MAM looked cute so i bought them. Now he hates the NUK. oh well, MAMs glow in the dark (lifesaver!)

beautiful mess said...

They glow in the dark...whaatttt??? I did NOT know that!