Feb 11, 2011

re-lactation {so far}

This is quite the journey and I can so that so far, I am beyond proud of myself. I have stuck to a strict pumping schedule and have been taking 3 Fenugreek 3x a day as well as 3 Domperidone 3x a day. I just started taking the Domperidone on Monday and have already seen a huge difference in output.

Before I was getting a teaspoon each breast. IF that. Sometimes I would get nothing. Now I am getting 1/2 an ounce each breast, sometimes less...depending on the time of the day it is.

I was using my Lansinoh Affinity but it wasn't able to keep up with all the constant pumping I was doing {every two hours} so I've been using the Medela Lactina, hospital grade!! This sucker is huge and amazing. Not to mention, much quieter for when I have to pump at work. My Lansinoh sounds like a dying duck/cow. When I'm done with the Lactina, I'll be using the PISA.

I haven't tried to get Laila to latch. I'm terrified she will just scream at it again but I know that in order for her TO latch, she's got to practice. I even have a nipple shield to try and trick her into it. 

The thought of breastfeeding Laila again makes me SO incredibly happy. It's what I want. I want her to NURSE. Not just get pumped breastmilk from a bottle. NURSE.


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Tara said...

im starting to relactate too I could really use some advise! where did you get your fenugreek?