Nov 7, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Days 1-7

November is a beautiful month. Filled with leaves falling over the trees, crisp air, delicious food and tons of much needed family time. November is also a special month because it's the month I welcomed my daughter into this world. The 30th, to be exact.

So I've decided to do write down everything I am thankful for, all in 30 days. And since this is a week late, I'll be writing 7 things I'm thankful for..

Day 1: My daughter, Laila Rayne. The most precious, beautiful, sweet, loving, joyful little girl. It's so hard to describe what she means to be because every time I try, a little tear trickles down my cheek. I never knew my heart could ever feel such an immense love for such a little child.

Day 2: My fiance, Justin. The one that's there to let me cry on his shoulder, who gives me strength, who knows exactly how to make me feel better, the man who makes, the one that doesn't care that I still act like a kid sometimes. My rock, my soul mate.

Day 3: My job. This may seem lame but I love my job, even though it's a desk job. Every one there is and has been so supportive through out the years that I've been there. Yes, I've had hard times there and yes, I've cried on more than one occasion. But, my job means a lot to me. My job (as well as Justin's) helps support my family. And that's very important to me.

Day 4: My mom and dad. These two are the best. I don't know where I would be without them, literally. They took me in when I was 5 years old because my biological parents couldn't take care of myself and siblings. The feed me and gave me clothes and most importantly, they loved me. I've had horrible horrible times with them and I've said some pretty hateful things but at the end of the day, they were the ones that still loved me and supported me. If they hadn't picked me, I don't know where I would to today and for that, I love them a ton.

Day 5: My best friend, Laura. I've known Laura since freshman year of high school, over 5+ years ago. She knows everything about me, I tell her my secrets and the things I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone else about. This girl is amazing, my best friend.

Day 6: My aunt, Sherry. I love my aunt, so so much. She has always been there for me, especially when I was having troubles with my parents. She bought a bed and would buy food for her house and let me stay there every Friday night to have time away from my parents. This was always a re-fresher and felt nice to get away for a little while, even if she lived right next door, lol. Now, we still hangout all the time. My Saturdays usually consist of Laila and I bumming around with her. It's always a great time, no matter what we do.

Day 7: My blog. I don't blog much, mainly because I just can't find the time. I have so much other stuff to do with my job, my home, my daughter, myself. And sometimes, I just don't want to feel like I have to blog. I blog because it's nice to jot down what we did over the weekend or a fun milestone that Laila did. But I definitely don't make my blog a priority and I'm honestly fine with that. But just knowing that I have a blog and can write what ever I want, makes me feel good.

So...there you have. Seven days of what I am thankful for. I'll be hopefully back every day to make a note of what I am thankful for. I've even thought of doing a "Thankful Jar" at the house. But who knows if Justin would be on board or even remember! Haha

What are you thankful for this November?

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