Nov 14, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Days 11-14

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Ours involved paint samples, ripping up carpet, leaves, and sunshine and some talk about putting up and knocking down walls. Having a home makes my mind wander in all sorts of directions.

But, back to thanks.

Pictures and lots of them. Pictures are a great way to capture a very special, sad, mad, exciting moment and there something you can hold onto forever, even if that memory of the day starts to fade away. I often find myself looking back at my old pictures of when I was 5, 10, 15 and being so thankful to have these pictures. And that's exactly what I want Laila to do, to look back and be thankful to have all these pictures of her life growing up.

Naps. Who doesn't love a good nap? I sure do and to be honest, I never get to take a nap anymore. If/when Laila naps, I stay awake because that's time that I have to myself to get things done around the house or even just sit and read a good book, or enjoy a good workout. But, when I actually do give in and take a nap, I almost never regret it because I feel oh so wonderful afterwards.

Disney Junior Yes my child does watch Disney Junior on the Disney channel in the morning. She loves to watch Little Einsteins, that pirate show and some other ones. No, she doesn't sit there all morning, staring at the tv but she does enjoy what she is watching so why not let her?

Pinterest I can't get enough of Pinterest and it really inspires me to bring out my crafty side. Over the weekend, I even managed to make some of my own ornaments that I saw on YoungHouseLove, who pinned them with the oh so awesome, Pinterest.

There you have it, the last 4 days of what I'm thankful for.

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