Nov 8, 2011

My trip to Ohio

My trip to Ohio was amazing, I had a blast spending time with my sister and her fiance, Matt and a couple of her friends. But to say I was excited to come home is definitely an understatement. Because, well, I missed my daughter more than I ever thought I could.

I stayed home all day on Friday to spend as much time with Laila as I could. I just wanted to be with her before I had to leave. We cleaned, played, napped, danced, sang, did some more cleaning, Laila helped with laundry and by helped, I mean, Laila throwed the folded clothes around the living room. I even patiently waited for her early birthday present to show up. And alas, it did, 2 hours before I had to leave to head to the airport. Woohoo!

And look, here she is, sitting like a big girl in her chair, which was her early birthday present. She loves that chair. If anybody is wondering which one it is Harmony Kids Rocker in Light Pink Dot, they have other color options as well but Justin and I both agreed on this one. And it's sooo soft.
When it came time to heading to the airport, I got real nervous and sweaty. It's not that I'm afraid to fly because I love taking off and landing, I was just nervous to leave behind my daughter. And for a second, I even thought I was going to miss my flight because traffic on the way there was HORRIBLE. We drove for probably 20 minutes doing 20 mph. It sucked. By the time we got there, I said my cya laters and gave a ton of kisses. I was bummed Justin and Laila weren't able to come in and spend time with me before I headed to security but we didn't think there would be time. :[

I didn't cry when I said cya later. It wasn't until I was sitting at my gate when tears showed up. I was bummed and kind of regretted not bringing Laila with that time. But once I landed, my sister and Matt picked me up at the airport around 9ish and we had a late dinner and laughed our butts off watching Bridesmaids. Best movie ever.

Saturday was filled with dress shopping for us bridesmaids and that was stressful. The first place had nothing, except some complimentary water, and the second place was way too expensive. So we hit up Davids Bridal and we all found a dress, the same dress in the same color. It's a beautiful dress. After that stressfulness was over and done with, we hit up a Japanese Restaurant called Otanis for my sisters 26th birthday! YUM.

The rest of the evening was filled with way too many Vanilla Vodka + Pineapple juice, Irish Car Bombs, Jameson, Beer, and some other weird drink that I couldn't even name. A nightclub that made my heart feel like it was about to jump out, and late night drunk pizza. I wasn't expecting to drink as much as I did but it happened and it rarely happens. I almost NEVER have a drink in my hand. Last time I drank was my 21st birthday and that was almost 4 months ago, it's really just not my cup of tea and I definitely prefer to be sober. But overall, I had an amazing night, even if I don't remember even going to bed! *sigh*

And even though I stayed up till 3 am, my butt was up at 7 am. It's out of pure habit since Laila is an early riser. I had to take medicine, drink a ton of water, and force myself to go back to sleep. It was a rough morning but nothing french toast can't fix...until it makes you sick on the way to the airport and you have to shyly ask to stop somewhere to use the bathroom. TMI, so sorry.

And, I made it home in one piece and I was so excited to see Laila and Justin. Laila looked like she got bigger while I was gone...can that even happen??!!

It's so nice to be home with my little family but at the same time, I miss being with my sister and hanging out. Not to mention, it was soo nice to sleep in and have some freedom. Gosh, that makes me sound horrible.

&; sorry, I didn't take a single picture what I was gone. The only one I have is of my sister and I, drunk. Not to sure if I want to share that picture...

I'll be back a little later with my Day 8 of Thanks!

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