Nov 23, 2011

convertible carseat hunt

Laila has been in her infant carseat for almost a year now and it's definitely time that we switch her on over to a convertible carseat. But finding the right convertible carseat has not been as easy as I thought.

I want something super safe, comfortable, something that will accomdate her as she grows and something not to ugly. Oh, and one that won't break my pockets. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently, for me, it is because I just cannot find the perfect one. Scratch that, I did find the perfect one, Graco Smart Seat All-in-One, linky here. Unfortunately, $300 isn't in our budget at this time, especially around the holidays. But, this morning, I noticed it was on sale for $239.99. Better, but still more than what I wanted to spend.

Then there is this one, Graco My Ride 65 and I have heard lovely things about it. Everyone seems to rav how awesome it is, and one of the biggest things I loved, it was for rear-facing or forward-facing. To me, that is very important because I want Laila to stay rear-facing as long as her little legs can handle it. I've heard during the summer the seat can get very warm, it's just not breathy enough. Does that make sense? Some also say once you face it forward, it tilts too far back causing they're child to constantly try to sit up. Also, I'm not sold on the pattern and have seen others elsewhere and for a little less money.

Next up, Graco Nautiuls Three-in-One. Seems SO incredibly safe it's undelievable, biggest down-fall for me, it's only forward-facing. I do like that she could go in it now and then when she gets old enough, it's also the booster seat for her. The price also doesn't break our pockets. 

Have you noticed a pattern here? All of these convertible carseats are by Graco. What can I say?! I love Graco! Anyone have any recommendations on convertible carseats?! Help me out!!

3 lovely comments:

Tara said...

we have the smart 3in1 n ur 110% right it wayyy expensive we got it for 300! I do love it! But if you have a small car it is awful! It's also like 60 lbs! But the safety is unmatchable! I did a post about our choice but really love the "air" safety one! It has the side impact like the smart seat but isn't graco! We are a graco household too! Good luck! Ps idk how in the world you have had her not in one he must be so tiny!! Bug was out of commission in hers at 8 months haha!

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

Rylin is still in her infant seat and still has 2" to grow before she's too big for it but we are going to purchase her the Complete Air 65 LX by Safety 1st. I found it for $190 at Walmart with free shipping!

Jess said...

Elliot still fits in his infant seat but HATES it so we switched him a couple months back. We have a Graco My Ride 65. We plan to rear face him for quite some time, and then I love that we can face him forwards in it, too. It has worked really well for us so far!