Nov 14, 2011

All About Laila: 11 Months

Dear Laila,

This is only the second letter I've wrote you, one at birth and now this one, closer to your 1st birthday. Can you believe that in only 2 weeks, you're going to be one?! I can't because just yesterday, I was cradling you in my arms and singing a lullaby to you. I remember the day you were born, I was lucky and had a fast and easy delivery. You were so eager to come out and once you did, you cried, the most beautiful sound ever. You were placed on my chest and I couldn't stop crying and saying "I love you" over and over again. And since that day, you have grown up right before my eyes.

You no longer sleep in bed with us, or need me to hold your bottle, you love to do everything yourself and are so independent, it scares me. But there are still days where you want to sit on my lap all day long and cuddle. I love those days. I miss having you sleep right next to me though, the warmth of your body, listening to you breath and guess what?! Sometimes, you even snore. But, I can still hear all of that on the monitor.

Your appetite seems to be getting bigger everyday, all you want to do is eat. You aren't a fan of eggs (anymore) avocado, carrots (depending on how they're cooked) and some other items, like fruit. The only fruit I can get you to eat all the time is a banana. You totally love those things. Pretty soon you'll be on whole milk, woohoo! You hate your formula, anyways.

You've been going to bed around 7-7:30 for a while now and usually wake up around 6:30. I enjoy spending my mornings with you, lounging in our pajamas with the sun beaming in through the window. It's always a great morning. I miss taking you for walks but it's to cold for that, and I really think you miss it too. You are SUCH an outside baby toddler.

You wave bye-bye to everyone except me. I think you are just too smart and know that I'll be right back. You love strangers, is that weird and when did that happen? I remember the days you would scream if someone looked at you that you didn't even know. But now, you love when random people talk to you. You even wave bye-bye to them. You also clap, all.the.time, especially in the bathtub.

You also have some awesome moves and love to dance with me when there is music on. You're walking now, and have been since 10ish months. I love seeing you walk everywhere or even run. Although, seeing you run just scares me because you tend to fall a lot. Have to work on that balance a little more. Once walking came along, a few more bumps and bruises also came. But, you picked yourself right back up and continued to walk. You don't give up!

You have come to love the dog, Mykenzie. You give her hugs, pet her, pull her tail, play with her water and food and Mykenzie's favorite, you feed her!! I hope you continue to love animals as you get older.

Last weekend, you spent your first couple nights away from me but I don't even think you noticed, haha. You did awesome. I think I had the most trouble being away from you. I felt weird being so far, not able to give you a hug or kiss whenever I wanted but you and I talked on the phone a lot, that was nice!!

Speaking of talking, you still say the same words that you've been saying. One word you did pick up is puppy! You still love to read books and will sit and read them to me instead of the other way around. You have learned how to open the cabinets so it's time for us to lock those suckers up. You enjoy doing laps around the house, pulling on the gate, looking out the window, and the best - giving hugs.

I'm so proud of everything you have accomplished and I am so excited to watch you grow into this beautiful girl. Just don't grow too fast, mama isn't ready. Mama loves you, to the moon and back and back again.

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